A pavement less travelled

Eloise Wingrave (Rebecca Hosking) 218028_01

By Luke Voogt

Eloise Wingrave’s love of art grew during her recovery from lifesaving surgery for a brain infection five years ago.

Now the Belmont teen is using her passion to help others travel their imaginations to sights across the world.

The 16-year-old’s chalk scenes of Paris and England, from old photos, are helping passers-by escape – for a moment.

“We can look at photos and go back to those places,” she said.

Art was an important part of Eloise’s recovery after Royal Children’s Hospital surgeons cut open her skull to clean out a streptococcal infection that had spread to her brain at age 11.

She started creating chalk scenes in the pavement when the first COVID-19 lockdown prevented her from enjoying her other passions of dancing and acting.

“I’ve continued doing it because I love getting the feedback from the community and people on the street,” she said.

“They’re always telling me how much they like it so it’s nice to brighten up their day in these challenging times.”