Display Advertising

The Geelong Indy offers an exciting, fresh, quality publication, providing businesses cost effective multi channel advertising options to reach their target markets through our print, online and insert options. We have many long standing clients who have used the strength of advertising in our publications to help grow their business. We can help position your business within the community with targeted, creative campaigns that you will be proud of with advertising opportunities across our products.

Our Advertising sales team can help you with a campaign in a single community and across regions and target the best selection of publications to suit your needs. We offer display advertising in our news and feature sections, classified advertisements to make it easier for readers to find your service and bundle in print and online advertising packages to broaden your reach.

Help your business ‘connect with people and the community’ by contacting our Advertising sales team today! Just ring us on 03 5249 6700 or email Advertising Geelong Indy


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