Cat’s charity drive for mum

TEEING OFF: Zach Tuohy and Cam Guthrie at 13th Beach Golf Course to help promote The Longest Day.

by Luke Voogt

Cats midfielder Cam Guthrie counts himself blessed to still have mum around, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was “13 or 14”.

“It’s a scary time, when you hear the word cancer,” he said after teeing off for Cancer Council with teammate Zach Tuohy recently.

He remembers barely being able to think about anything else at school as she went through treatment.

“But she got through it really well and we had some really good friends and family around us,” the 27-year-old said.

“I’m pretty privileged to have my mum around and she’s living a really healthy life now, but that’s not the same for everyone, which is sad.”

Guthrie and Tuohy played at 13th Beach Golf Course to promote The Longest Day, which takes place on fairways across Australia next Monday.

“There were times of frustration on the course but it’s just about getting out there and having a go,” he said.

“I think Zach’s got me covered, he hits a few nice balls. He’s a powerful man – he definitely sends it down and keeps it on the fairway, which is half the battle.”

Last year 230 participants raised $250,000 in the 72-hole charity event, with organisers hoping to raise $500,000 towards skin cancer research this year.

Tuohy and Guthrie will not hit the green on the day but were happy to promote the event and support fundraising for any cancer research.

“A lot of people have dealt with it themselves or had a close friend or family member go through it,” Guthrie said.

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