Dams ‘set for destruction’ despite backlash

DISGUSTED: Protesters outside TLC's Wallington aged care centre. Picture: Greg Wane

By Luke Voogt

Two dams at a Wallington aged care centre are set for “destruction” according to the leader of a campaign against the controversial project .

Campaigner Heidi Wane said a “verbal onsite discussion” revealed landowner TLC Aged Care would “definitely” drain the two large water bodies and fill them.

“Many locals feel this is another example of excessive development on the Bellarine (Penisula) which is devastating birds and wildlife.”

The “lakes” were initially dug to treat waste water generated by the facility, Ms Wane said in a statement.

“After nearly twenty years these large bodies of water have become unique eco systems which various bird life, frogs, native long necked turtles (and) insects depend upon.

“Attempts to ascertain whether TLC Aged Care intends to rescue and rehouse wildlife humanely have not been successful at (the) time of writing.”

About 40 people attended two onsite rallies and almost 1500 people had signed an online petition against the project, Ms Wane said.

Bellarine MP Lisa Neville, local Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick and residents at the centre had contacted her about the project, she said.

“This Aged Care facility, although on private land, is situated beside a major highway making it a very public site, which is visited daily by many members of the public.”

Council issued the permit for the expansion project more than a year ago, a City Hall spokesperson told the Ocean Grove Voice in March.

The works included an integrated medical centre, road construction and access as well as some removal of native vegetation, the spokesperson said.

“Under the planning scheme there is no cause to stop works undertaken in line with the planning permit.”

TLC Aged Care had a right to fill in the dams because they were on the company’s private property, the spokesperson added.

TLC did not respond to the Indy’s request for comment.

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