Charity opens new branch

Ange Liston-McCaughley, and Ollie, Lila, Leif, Paddy and Leo McCaughley. (Ivan Kemp) 242835_08

By Luke Voogt

A Geelong charity celebrating its sixth anniversary is set to open a new branch in Queensland in time for National Diabetes Week beginning on Sunday.

Type 1 Foundation founder Ange Liston-Mccaughley on Wednesday flew to the Gold Coast, where her daughter Lila was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013, to launch the branch.

“We’ve got 350 people attending from all over Queensland,” she told the Independent, while waiting with her family for their flight.

Like many children with diabetes, Lila’s condition was initially misdiagnosed before her family went on holiday.

But her condition worsened on the vacation before Ange called an ambulance to take her to Gold Coast University Hospital. Doctors later said Lila had been an hour away from going into a coma.

The foundation is holding the launch at Sea World, where Lila’s family took her after her diagnosis to enjoy what was left of her holiday, Ange said.

“It’s awesome to think we’ve come this far and turned it into something positive.”

Ange was thrilled to be able to hold the launch given the looming threat of COVID-19 in recent weeks.

“The event’s been on-and-off, so it’s been pretty tricky,” she said.

She mailed 500 beanies in advance to Queensland to sell as part of Type 1 Foundation’s annual fundraiser, along with T-shirts, jumpers and caps.

“Last year we smashed 3000, so we thought we’d go for 4000 this year,” she said.

“We’ve got people selling beanies across Australia. We’re hoping everyone at the event will get behind it and grab one.”


Luke Voogt