Workers ‘key’


By David Peart, Geelong Manufactuing Council Chief Executive Officer

Every day companies in Geelong produce more than 20 kilometres of carpet, 45,000 litres of olive oil, 40,000 litres of petroleum and 400 tonnes of polypropylene – enough to make seats for the Sydney Olympic Stadium twice over.

The manufacturing and engineering sectors in our region employ over 8000 people and generate more than $6.5 million in output each year.

Geelong Manufacturing Council supports the changing face of our region’s manufacturing as we continue to transform into Victoria and Australia’s advanced manufacturing centre of excellence.

Through support initiatives such as our Regional Industry Collaboration Program, we connect industry with research organisations to develop innovative new products and processes. Participating companies can leverage these developments to make significant investments and create new jobs for our region.

We also work with local companies to facilitate the development of clean and sustainable products through groups such as Cleantech Innovations Geelong and the Engineering Network Geelong.

Our local workforce is key to the region’s success.

Through the Geelong Future Leaders of Industry and Girls Leading Advanced Manufacturing programs, we’re working with local industry to introduce our youth to the exciting career pathways in advanced manufacturing. Similarly, our Women in Manufacturing Network aims to increase the participation of women in manufacturing and engineering roles, giving industry a much larger pool of potential employees.

Geelong Manufacturing Council has its focus on the future and continues to advocate for the region as an internationally competitive advanced manufacturing centre.

We look forward to working with our members and the wider community as together we work towards this goal.

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