Summer ear blocks

Ear specialist Nurse Mardi from Crystal Clear Ears.

“Well, I went on holidays to the beach, and the next thing I know, my ears were completely blocked after swimming”.
Geelong ear nurse Mardi, from Crystal Clear Ears, hears that story every summer. She is gearing up for a busy summer as holiday makers make their way to the coast.
Mardi spends her own summer holidays on the Surf Coast beaches, but this year she will help beach-goers with their ear problems, at her Pakington St Geelong West clinic .
Ear nurses use the latest micro-suction technology to clear ears and can assess them, in case the blockage is due to a swimmers ear infection.
Mostly, the blockage is as simple as ear wax. This happens because wax is slowly collecting inside the ear without people realising it. They head off to the beach, jump in the water, the wax swells up, and suddenly they have a blocked ear.
Blocked ears drive people mad, and they just can’t enjoy their holiday until they get them cleared.
The signs of a blockage caused by a swimmers ear infection include ears that are painful, blocked and very itchy. The ear may have liquid in it and feel swollen in the worst cases.
A thorough micro-suction ear clean will clear it all out. Some eardrops may be needed to help get the ear back to normal.
Mardi says that many people book in for their annual ear clean in December, so they can avoid an emergency trip to the ear nurse or doctor in the middle of their holiday.
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