Breakthrough treatment for menopausal women

Dr Fariba Willison.

It’s a topic not often discussed, however it’s a problem that affects most women at some stage during their lifetime – vaginal atrophy.
Now there’s a breakthrough non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for vaginal itching and burning, painful intercourse and vaginal laxity.
Dr Fariba Willison, an endo–gynaecologist interested in pelvic floor medicine and reconstructive surgery, pioneered the use of MonaLisa Touch in Australia. She has treated moe than 3000 patients with the laser and has conducted multiple research projects in this area. Many women can benefit from this treatment – it is particularly well suited to pre and post – menopausal women.
However, younger women can also experience some or all of the symptoms of vaginal atrophy due to prolonged used of the pill, breast cancer, chemotherapy, breast-feeding or scarring resulting from childbirth requiring perineal repair.
The MonaLisa Touch laser works by stimulating the body’s own regenerative processes to create more hydrated and healthy cells.
Australian Skin Face Body, Geelong is hosting another information session on Women’s Intimate Health with Dr Willison in February 2016. To register your interest or to find out more about the MonaLisa Touch, please email
You will need a referral from your GP to see Dr Willison at FBW Gynaecology Plus Geelong; the Women’s Intimate Health Service now available at Australian Skin Face Body.
Located at 50 Western Beach Road, Geelong, the multi-disciplinary clinic also offers plastic and reconstructive surgery, hand surgery and a range of dermal therapies including drug free acne treatments.

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