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Connect with nature at Girl Guides Victoria Nature Adventures School Holiday Program.

School holidays are for unplugging, unwinding and enjoying the great outdoors.

At the Girl Guides Victoria Nature Adventures School Holiday Program, girls get to do all three.

This uniquely crafted program promises a week of exploration, hands-on learning, and unforgettable moments in the great outdoors.

Connecting with nature has the power to inspire, educate, and cultivate a lifelong love for the environment.

Designed for all girls aged 10 to 14, this nature-focused program gets participants out into nature to soak up all the wonder, joy, and insight that our natural environment provides.

Each day unfolds with outdoor adventures, carefully curated to captivate young minds.

From bushcraft activities and upcycling to an adventure excursion, and trip to the nature reserve, Nature Adventures offers girls a summer they’ll never forget.

In addition to fun daily activities, girls will sharpen their essential survival skills and gain a deeper understanding of our natural surroundings. Through a blend of adventure, teamwork, and environmental education, Nature Adventures equips girls with skills that extend far beyond summer.

Register now and watch your daughter blossom into a confident, nature-loving adventurer! Join for one or multiple days of January fun.