Davey Motor Group: redefining standards and expectations

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Amidst the challenging times of the COVID-19 era, Davey Motor Group (DMG) came into existence, driven by a passion for revolutionising car imports and ensuring superior customer satisfaction.

Specialising as direct importers of new and used vehicles from Japan, DMG‘s inception coincided with the rising demand for unparalleled quality and unique vehicles. It was the dawn of an exciting chapter in the story when they introduced the 4×4 Hiace Vans – a rarity that hadn’t graced Australian shores before. This pioneering move swiftly positioned the company as trailblazers, paving the way for a diverse range of exceptional vehicles.

Since humble beginnings, DMG has grown into one of the most prominent Japanese car importers in Australia, boasting an extensive and diverse inventory that caters to every automotive need. At Davey Motor Group, they are committed to setting new industry benchmarks, not just with a wide array of vehicles but also with unwavering commitment to quality and customer support.

What sets them apart is absolute commitment to quality. Each vehicle passing through the dealership undergoes rigorous inspections, ensuring only the finest automobiles grace the showroom floors. DMG doesn’t just sell cars, they deliver a promise of reliability, authenticity and excellence.

Proudly holding the largest selection of used cars in the Geelong area, DMG showcases vehicles that redefine standards and expectations. These are not just any cars; these are the best models that never reached the Australian market when new. The expert Japanese buying team meticulously curates this selection, handpicking vehicles of unmatched quality and performance.

But it’s not just about the cars. It’s about the experience. At Davey Motor Group, they understand the significance of trust and satisfaction in every transaction. The dedicated team is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, guiding you through your car-buying journey with expertise and enthusiasm.

As DMG continues to grow, their dedication to delivering excellence remains unwavering. You are invited to experience the difference at Davey Motor Group, where every vehicle embodies a commitment to quality, authenticity and customer satisfaction.

Explore the remarkable range of vehicles, setting new standards in excellence and discover the pinnacle of customer support – exclusively at Davey Motor Group. Visit the website at daveymotorgroup.com and join the journey today.