No assembly required

Flatpack Assembly Services has arrived in Geelong. (Pictures: Supplied)

For anyone who winces at the thought of buying a product in a store and then facing the complicated instructions to assemble it at home, help is at hand from Brendan Smith and Brett Kerry, the new Geelong franchisees of Flatpack Assembly Services.

Local DIY enthusiasts, Brendan and Brett assemble just about anything in flatpack form – sheds, barbecues, fitness equipment, beds, home, office and outdoor furniture, greenhouses, trampolines … the list is endless.

They do the assembly at the customer’s place of choice, position the assembled item where it’s meant to be and will take away all the leftover packaging if desired, which is then disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

Brendan and Brett believe the service is great for those who are pressed for time or who may feel uncomfortable wielding an Allen key, adding that a good assembler needs to pay attention to detail, have the ability to think ahead and the patience to read the instructions.

“Unlike some, we actually do read the manual,” Brendan says with a chuckle. “And we enjoy the work.”

No matter how long assembly takes, the original price quoted remains – and sometimes will even be reduced if it turns out to be quicker than originally assessed.

Matt Barker, General Manager for Flatpack Assembly Services says, “We’re very excited to bring this opportunity to the Geelong region, in partnership with Australia’s best retailers and manufacturers.”

Bookings and inquiries: 1300 352 872 or