Foot or heel pain? Expert help is just around the corner


Doctor David Kavanagh from Foot and Leg Pain Clinics is one of Australia’s leading foot, knee and leg pain experts. He says foot pain is very common, affecting more than 80 per cent of people at some point in their lives, with heel pain the most common of all human foot complaints.

Dr Kavanagh explains, despite their frequency, these conditions are often mismanaged and incorrectly treated. This leaves many sufferers spending time and money on treatments without long-term solutions or relief.

But why are such common problems seemingly so hard to treat effectively?

“Besides the fact that the feet are one of the body’s most complex structures and we are on them all the time, there are two major reasons foot pain and particularly heel pain treatment is often ineffective, especially long-term.

“One reason will be that only the symptoms are being addressed and not the underlying cause, and another is that the exact nature of the condition and contributing factors are not being identified or understood.

“For example, most heel pain is incorrectly assumed to be an inflammatory condition when it is nearly always a result of nerve impingement or tissue degeneration.

“Tissue thickening is often mistaken for inflammation, contributing to incorrect diagnoses and treatment. This is a big problem because treating a degenerative condition with anti-inflammatory treatments can actually cause further tissue damage, making the condition worse.”

The good news is that people can consult Dr Kavanagh at the clinic to get answers from an expert. And, right now, there’s $50 off the initial consultation.

Book an appointment by calling 1300 328 300.

Foot and Leg Pain Clinics are in Geelong and across Melbourne and, right now, you can get $50 off initial consultations. 
Bookings: 1300 328 300

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