Specialists you can count on

A workshop trio in Geelong West keeps your car in the right hands. (Louisa Jones)

Three enterprising experts in their field got together 15 years ago, opening the first of three side-by-side vehicle workshops in Geelong West, each catering to its specific European or British models.

The newest workshop operates under the banner of Geelong West Automotive. This one specialises in Volvo, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen and Skoda.

The German Automotive workshop is the Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen specialist. And the other, Hunter Cuthill, is all about Landrover, BMW and Mini Cooper.

Current owners Adam Hunter, Ben Buckle, Mark Goodear and Adam Dres bring a combination of nearly 100 years’ experience working on all the major Euro brands – the sort of expertise highly valued by the drivers of out-of-the-ordinary vehicles.

All manner of mechanical, auto electrical and tyre replacement work is carried out by the high-tech workshops. Dealer-level diagnostic, repair and maintenance work are also on board, as is log book servicing that retains new car warranty.

Ben says that the crews are well-equipped to look aft er just about everything needed to keep a car in tip-top shape, right from driving it new off the lot through to its senior years.

“Not only do we have the world’s leading independent diagnostic soft ware, but also all our technicians have received specific training on each brand,” explains Ben.

“As well, we have all the special tools needed for repairs and servicing the luxury models.

“We use the Hunter wheel alignment system, recommended for all major luxury and European vehicles.

“Our tyre servicing equipment includes the Sice tyre changer, again recommended for most Euro vehicles. And to top it off, we’re still cheaper when compared to capped price servicing from dealers.”

Loan cars are available for a small fee, and customers can book a service online.

German Automotive, 8 Autumn Street, Geelong West. 5222 2555 or

Hunter Cuthill, 9 Autumn Street,
Geelong West. 5229 4299 or

Geelong West Automotive, 10 Autumn Street, Geelong West. 5221 5522 or