Farewell to the amazing Mary

Mary Zitko with Holy Family Primary School Bell Park students Sienna and Zara. (supplied)

By Sienna and Zara (Holy Family Senior Students)

An amazing primary school secretary is extremely difficult to find and we have been very fortunate to have had the BEST.

At Holy Family Primary School Bell Park, Mary Zitko has been such an asset as she has been the face of Holy Family to the community for many years.

Unlike anyone else in school, the office is the first place visitors go to, which means that Mary is often the first person to see parents and their children.

It is inevitable then, that Mary knows every family member and student at the school. In many cases she also knows the student’s grandparents as they were parents of the school community when she began at Holy Family in 1988.

Our amazing secretary Mary has had a wonderful career lasting 35 years and working with six principals, she has worked super hard putting lots of effort into our school and community.

A day in the office with Mary is action packed with lots of work to get through. She has enjoyed her job here at Holy Family and will miss the staff, students and families, but although she might be leaving, her wonderful daughter Tanya is following in her footsteps.

Her fondest memories at Holy Family is watching the little preps grow into big Year 6 students to become the best people they could be.

Mary has also enjoyed things like the art show, book week, the school fun run and all of the other exciting school events.

To Mary, retirement means being able to do what you want when you want, spending time with family and not having to wake up on a Monday morning to get ready for work.

Mary is an incredible person. She brings sunshine to the lives of others, she brings joy and positivity to the people around her and she is going to be so sadly missed. We wish her well on her retirement journey.