Intersection to receive needed upgrade

The Bristol Road and Surf Coast Highway intersection in Torquay will receive an upgrade, which will include the installation of traffic lights. (Supplied)

The Bristol Road and Surf Coast Highway intersection in Torquay is getting upgraded to improve the safety and traffic flow of the area.

The intersection upgrade will include the installation of traffic lights, signalised pedestrian crossings on Bristol Road and the highway, and a new footpath on the western side of the highway.

It will also allow traffic to turn right and left from Bristol Road onto the Surf Coast Highway, and traffic from the intersection can enter the service road near St Therese Church.

However, the service road traffic will need to use the Zeally Bay Road intersection to enter the highway.

Surf Coast Shire Mayor Liz Pattison said the traffic lights would create a safe highway crossing point at the intersection.

“With the petrol station on the corner, it’s a busy intersection. Traffic lights will make it flow a lot better,” she said.

“It means all those driving home from the supermarket and shops will be able to turn right out of Bristol Road onto the highway.

“I know there can be an initial reluctance for more traffic lights in town, but these will certainly make a positive difference for so many.

“There are no other signalised crossings at this end of the highway and often I see kids and teenagers trying to navigate their way across the highway there.”

Tenders for the works have been advertised by the council, which are expected to begin in the middle of the year and be completed by March or April next year.

More information about the project is available at