Pair to share a milestone

Trish and her mother, Kathryn, are impressed by the standard of living and care at Star of the Sea.

Kathryn Merrett shares an important milestone with Star of the Sea Residential Aged Care in October.

She was one of the Star of the Sea’s first residents when it opened its doors on 7 October 2017.

Kathryn’sr daughter, Trish, recalled that one of the hardest things about looking into aged care for her mum was acknowledging she needed more support.

At the time, Trish was recovering from breast cancer, she had recently become a grandmother for the first time and her dad had died suddenly.

“Once dad died it became obvious that he was actually covering for mum and there was a bit of Alzheimer’s there and she wasn’t going to cope well on her own,” Trish said.

The family was impressed with the beautiful design and interiors of the brand new 96-bed aged care residence. But, most important to them was the quality of care, food and activities on offer. Kathryn is part of a walking group, she enjoys many different activities and staff speak often to Trish about her mum’s health and wellbeing.

“The staff communicate with me incredibly well. They are very professional. I get good information from them, they know mum really well,” she said.

Trish loved Star of the Sea’s care practice, which is based on the Montessori principles for aged care.

She said her mother had benefitted from the use of visual aids and activities to support people’s memories as they age.

“I have seen how it helps mum with her anxiety. All those memory prompts are things that older people benefit from because they feel anxious without them.”

Trish said the food is also great and she often joins her mum for lunch.

“Mum’s health has improved since moving here and she loves the food.”

Learn more about Star of the Sea Residential Aged Care by calling 1300 845 526.

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