Wilson gives PC the bird

DIY COMEDY: Kevin Bloody Wilson holds a fan-made tribute to one of his classic songs.

By Luke Voogt

Iconic Aussie comedian Kevin Bloody Wilson is flipping the bird at political correctness on his latest Victorian tour titled F.U.P.C.

“What do you reckon it stands for? For under privileged children?” he told the Indy with a laugh on Tuesday.

“You can guess what that stands for you bloody idiot.”

The 72-year-old looked forward to returning to North Geelong’s Sphinx Hotel on 18 May after a stint recording comedy specials in the US.

“The Americans … don’t quite get the concept of taking the piss,” he said.

“The Sphinx has always been one of my favourites in Victoria actually. The audience is always pretty excited, which is an artist’s dream.”

But Wilson’s fondness for Geelong goes beyond its venues.

He co-wrote a song with Leopold born-and-bred country star Adam Harvey, who plays the Gateway Hotel this weekend.

“He’s a great mate of mine!” Wilson said.

The pair wrote Genie in the Bottle on tour in Ireland and the song spent weeks on the Australian charts in 2017, after Harvey returned home and recorded it.

“He came in as my support act because my daughter was heavily pregnant at the time,” Wilson said.

“We got pissed on Guinness one night and wrote the song, although we don’t remember much about writing it. We’ve gotta get on the piss together more often!”

Wilson takes aim at political correctness in his show of full edgy songs and rude lyrics.

“I never started out to be part of the pushback against political correctness,” he said.

“But that’s mostly what people talk about these days. It’s been driven by the media giving voice to these idiots hooked up on one agenda. I call them Millennial dyslexics – they read everything around the wrong way.

“I don’t go out of my way to offend people; people go out of their way to be offended.”

Nothing is sacred to Wilson, who recently wrote a song parodying the #MeToo movement called DIY Me Too.

“After years and years of self-inflected sexual abuse, not only am I the victim, I’m the perpetrator,” he said.

But people coming to his shows were “well-versed” in his comedy, Wilson said.

“You’ll find people coming to my shows who are doctors and lawyers, sitting next to a grandmother and a bikie,” he said.

“They see it for what it is – a f*****g joke.

“People sit there, have a beer, join their mates, sing along and snub their noses at political correctness for a night.

“If somebody came to my show and took offense I’d say it’s their fault – they haven’t looked me up properly.

“If they did my mob would take care of them anyway – we’d just sing over the top of them.”

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