Land-based fishing remains solid


Peri Stavropolous

The land-based fishing inside Geelong at the moment is still keeping anglers very amused with a large variety of fish still on offer to those casting lures from the shore.

Snotty trevalla, salmon and pinkie snapper still remain in great numbers and the snotties have been reaching a great size.

Anglers casting small 2inch grub-style plastics have been getting the better results, however they have also been more than willing to have a nibble on some chicken too.

There seems to be quite the number of snook in these areas also terrorizing baitfish and even other angler’s fish whilst on the line!

Casting diving lures or slightly larger minnow-style soft plastics should get the bites and get you amongst the action.

Along the Bellarine Peninsula, there has been a healthy variety of species on the chew and although there aren’t many monsters hitting the decks, they seem to be in great numbers.

Out from St Leonards has had plenty of calamari on the chew along the weed beds in 3.5 metres of water.

Daniel Maddalena had a solo mission over the weekend and had no trouble in finding himself a very solid bag of squid in no time.

Swan Bay has been holding quite the population of garfish as of late to both land-based and boat fisherman with a few gummy sharks and King George whiting thrown into the mix too, so in a single day you can score yourself a feast of the bay’s best table fish!

Offshore, Apollo Bay has seen some fantastic shark fishing with both school and gummy sharks in fantastic numbers, drifting in 50 metres of water with big fresh baits such as fresh wrasse or barracouta proving deadly.

There has also been reports of some large tuna hanging around too off the cape with some school fish amongst them too.

The surf coast estuaries have being fishing quite well for black bream as of late with most systems giving up some solid fish, casting 2.5-inch grub-style plastics and vibes working an absolute treat with fish getting to about 35cm.

Mulloway have also made quite the appearance with some systems producing some solid fish with the Glenelg river being a standout.

Bait fishing has been most common with fresh squid for bait and casting 4-inch paddle tail-style plastics also accounting for a fair share of fish.