Geelong says thanks for the tip, skip

A Queensland kangaroo 'predicts' Geelong will win this year's flag.

A fortune-telling ’roo was feline the love for Geelong on Tuesday morning, selecting a Cats jersey from a line-up of the four remaining premiership contenders.

Every morning at first light, a mob kangaroos and wallabies meet on shores of Cape Hillsborough to chose between a frond of seaweed or a mangrove pod for breakfast.

But on Tuesday one kangaroo was given an entirely different choice; the opportunity to predict the winner of the 2020 AFL Grand Final.

The prediction was the second attempt from the soothsaying marsupial, who initially seemed reluctant to make a choice.

The reaction from 50 or so travellers on the beach to watch the kangaroo’s prediction proved a mixed bag.

But a Geelong-supporting mum spending time at Cape Hillsborough was thrilled with the omen.

“I think the kangaroo was pretty spot on when it picked Geelong … because that’s who I’m going for,” she said.

“Go Geelong!”

No doubt Cats fans will hope the ’roo develops a similar record to Paul the Octopus, the eight-legged oracle that rose to fame for predicting winners in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The portent faces its first test when Geelong takes on Brisbane at the Gabba in Saturday night’s prelim.

The visit to Cape Hillsborough is part of a 10-day tour taking the AFL Premiership Cup Trophy through Queensland ahead of the historic game in Brisbane on October 24, 2020.

Cape Hillsborough is located 45km north of Mackay on Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef.