Fishos waste no time getting out

Peri Stavropoulos with a snapper from the Geelong waterfront. (supplied)

ON THE BITE with Peri Stavropoulos

With a good break in the weather over the weekend anglers wasted no time in getting out for a fish with some fantastic reports coming through.

Inside Corio Bay continues to fish well for land based and kayak fishos getting stuck into the usual resident species of fish in the area (pinkies, flathead, trevally, salmon and snotty trevalla).

Wagim Walk has been a popular location with anglers casting soft plastics finding plenty of action on offer.

Offshore saw some brilliant fishing this past week with anglers getting stuck into great numbers of gummy sharks, school sharks and snapper. Anglers fishing 35 metres out the front of Torquay were having great success with fresh salmon yet again proving to be the best bait, squid has also proved lethal.

Paternoster rigs are a perfect rig to run as it allows your bait to sit up off the bottom and snags.

With a short break in the weather, lots of anglers flocked down the west coast in search of tuna with lots of reports of school fish and barrels on the chew, Portland and Apollo Bay were the two standout locations.

Trolling skirted lures and divers have been working best, when there are big work ups dropping pillies or casting lures into them is a very good tactic to get a bite.

The Barwon Estuary has been loaded with silver trevally, eps, salmon and mullet. Anglers casting soft plastics, fly and bait have all been getting amongst the action with plenty of fish spread right through the system. Up higher towards the thunderbolt has had some reports of anglers picking up some mulloway which is epic to see. Anglers pulling up on the bank and fishing the tides with fresh squid and plenty of patience have been getting some impressive results of fish to 85cm.

Wurdiboluc Reservoir has had some fantastic fishing this past week also with large numbers of redfin and lots of brown trout on the move. The east and west rock wall have both been producing fish with redfin to 43cm and trout to 4lb being landed. Shallow jerk baits have been working a treat for both species.

The Hopkins River has also had some good reports come through of black bream and eps on the move, with a comp held on the weekend we had plenty of reports come through.

Fishing with baits like scrub worms and freshwater yabbies worked really well and so to did casting hard body lures and soft plastics.