Volunteers go green for World Environment Day

Property owner Tess Toop, left, Bellarine Landscape Sophie Small and Conservation Volunteers Australia Leah Edwards. (Ivan Kemp) 339383_07

By Jena Carr

Lake Connewarre will soon sprout new plants thanks to volunteers’ work celebrating World Environment Day.

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) held a Let’s Plant day at the lake’s Douglas Street site on Wednesday, June 7, two days after World Environment Day.

Project officer Leah Edwards said local experts in land management had thoughtfully chosen the plants the volunteers would place at Lake Connewarre.

“These plantings aim to create and enhance habitats suitable for the diverse bird life associated with Lake Connewarre,” she said.

“They were selected based on their compatibility with the natural habitat of the surrounding wetland ecosystem.

“Among the species introduced were Acacias, Banksias, and various types of Wallaby grasses.

“By incorporating these specific plants, we seek to foster a harmonious environment that supports the natural ecosystem and promotes biodiversity.”

Ms Edwards said she loved events like the planting day because it was a “genuine and down-to-earth experience”.

“It’s all about the simple joy of being in nature, getting your hands dirty, and enjoying the company of our community,” she said.

“People find happiness in taking part in small acts to help our planet, like planting trees, without any grand expectations.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to come together, enjoy the outdoors, and make a positive impact on our environment.”

Ramsar Convention on Wetlands secretary general Martha Rojas Urrego said looking after the local environment was important.

“The health and well-being of the world’s wetlands are central to planetary and human health,” she said.

“Our ability to save the world’s wetlands rests on our capacity to foster greater consciousness and understanding of the multiple benefits that these momentous, life-supporting ecosystems provide from every vantage point.”