Garfish, sharks lead the charge

Daniel Maddalena with a thresher shark. (Supplied)

Peri Stavropolous

It’s been made pretty obvious what’s been on a lot of fisherman’s minds over the last week and that is garfish and there is plenty out there both fishing from a boat or land-based.

St Helens rocks, Limeburners boat ramp, grammar school lagoon and the Geelong waterfront have all been fantastic locations to go out and target some of these tasty fish.

Just a simple pencil float rig, a tiny piece of bait and a burley trail is all you require to get into the action which makes life easy especially when taking the kids.

Still plenty of pinkie snapper and snotty trevalla on the go around the Geelong yacht club, once again soft plastics have remained a great way to target them.

The outer harbour has been a very productive option over the past week especially if you’re after a tasty feed!

King George whiting have been chewing well out the front of Leopold with some fantastic reports rolling in with fish to 38cm, it has been a struggle to get your bag but with some patience it could come.

The shark fishing off Barwon Heads is on fire at the moment with plenty of other reef species on the chew too.

The highlight this week would definitely be Daniel Maddalena and his two boys with their thresher shark.

Fishing in 50 metres of water off Barwon Heads Daniel had the fight of his fishing life when the thresher decided to jump onto his line and after one hour on the rod it was on the deck.

Bryce Nurnaitis also got into the local shark fishing landing a cracking gummy weighing in at 14kg.

Port Fairy has got quite a hot tuna bite on at the moment with heaps of fish on the chew and more than willing to eat a variety of lures.

The fish seem to be holding best between 40-60 metres of water and averaging between 5-10 kg in weight.

Andy, Zac and Josh Whitford made the drive down on the weekend and the boys had some great success in 50 metres with fish on both the troll and the cast.

The western trout fishing is still producing some nice trout to the keen angler sticking it out in the average cold mornings, Beau Allen made the drive down to the Hopkins River and managed to snag himself a cracking brown trout whilst casting hardbody.

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