Residents rally over tea

St Albans Park resident Jan Altman enjoys Australia's Biggest Morning Tea last Thursday. (Supplied)

Elderly Grovedale and St Albans Park residents rallied over cake and tea last Thursday to raise more than $500 for cancer research and support.

Jan Altman, a resident of three years at Ingenia Gardens’s St Albans Park neighbourhood, continued her years-long support of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

“I try to get involved wherever I can – even when I was living at another community in South Australia, I made sure to do my bit and help organise the event each year,” she said.

“It’s nice to see everyone get together to connect over morning tea and support a fantastic cause.

“I think this year’s event will be a standout because I was able to organise a performance from one of our amazing residents, Barb Williams, who is an incredible opera singer – I think we’ll remember this event for quite some time.”

Jan’s husband Neil runs the social group at the St Albans Park neighbourhood.

“We’re both big believers in getting the whole community involved in a range of different events,” Jan said.

“I started a crafting group and I’ve been speaking to two very talented painters who live here, and I’d love to get some art classes going.

“I’m forever thinking of ways to connect with my neighbours – I really enjoy organising events for my community, so we can all get the most out of our retirement.”

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea raises funds for Cancer Council, a national charity that raises money for research and to support people battling the disease.

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