Sporting chance for hockey kids

Eimear Davidson 7, Abby Alexander 10, Lily Lake 9 (Louisa Jones) 245448_04

Juniors hit the rink again at Rollerway Newtown on Wednesday as restrictions eased across Victoria allowing sporting competitions to resume.

Centre manager Ashlie Aparicio was thrilled the juniors could return to playing after missing just one week of competition, following lengthy lockdowns in 2020.

“I think everyone was just happy to be back at the centre,” she said.

“They’re always very enthusiastic about returning.”

The pandemic hit Rollerway hard in 2020, forcing multiple cancellations of its weekend and school holiday sessions.

But centre emerged relatively unscathed from the latest lockdown, due it occurring just after the school holidays, Ms Aparicio said.

The winter school holidays are a key period for the centre, with local parents looking for activities to keep their kids occupied during cold and wet weather.

“We’re quite lucky that we were able to have our winter holidays largely unaffected,” Ms Aparicio said.

“We’re happy to be back and we’re looking forward to seeing all the kids on the weekend.”