Marathon effort for kids

Richie Egan prepares for the Bravehearts 777. (Louisa Jones) 235253_07

By Luke Voogt

Most people would struggle to run one marathon, let alone seven in seven days.

But that’s exactly what Hamlyn Height’s Richie Egan plans to do next month in a bid to help Australia’s most vulnerable children.

The 21-year-old will take on seven Queensland marathons, from the Gold Coast to Cairns, in the Bravehearts 777 beginning June 28.

The army reservist, who is studying a diploma of sport and working part-time, is on a quest to run 100 marathons in a decade.

He first ran 42 kilometres as a “bucket list tick” in year 12, completing the Melbourne Marathon in three hours and 36 minutes.

“Funnily enough, Dad and I ran the event in the exact same time, albeit 30 years apart,” he said.

“I remember about 32 kilometre mark – which is when it gets really hard – thinking ’I’m never doing this again’.

“But you quickly forget the pain, and then you’re hooked.”

He decided to chase the century, ironically, during a check-up for a healing stress fracture in his foot after his third marathon.

“It didn’t hamper me,” he said.

“I said to my doctor, I think the word I used was premonition, that this was something I was going to do.”

Richie completed his 13th marathon in Canberra a fortnight ago in an impressive two hours and 46 minutes.

He has raised more than $9000 for Bravehearts’ sexual assault prevention and support programs as he prepares to surpass the 20 mark in one week.

“They do great work protecting kids,” he said.

“I think it’s a great cause and it’s a great challenge for me.”

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