Swooping season begins

It’s official- swooping season has begun.

Many native birds, such as magpies and masked lapwings swoop to protect their eggs and young during breeding season, which is expected to continue until mid-November.

City Hall is urging residents to take extra precautions when outdoors by avoiding nesting areas.

If you find yourself in an area where birds are swooping, you should protected your head and eyes and move quickly through the area.

To report a swooping bird on city-managed land, call 5272 5272.

Calendar competition

Amateur and professional photographers are being encouraged to submit their favourite scenic shots for One Agency Surf Coast’s calendar photo competition.

This year One Agency is introducing a brand-new category for “Gromit snappers” aged 18 and under, with the winning image from this category appearing in the 2022 calendar.

Youngsters will need a parent or guardian’s permission to enter.

To enter, email low-resolution versions of your photo(s) along with the photo location(s), your name, email, phone number and age (for Grom Snapper category only) to by Sunday, September 26. Details:

Electric vans join fleet

City Hall has added two electric vehicles to its fleet. The Renault Kangoo ZE vans are being used by the city’s amenity cleaners.

The vans are recharged in six hours overnight at the Belmont depot, via a newly installed EV charging station.

A further four electric vans, and two electric commercial ride-on mowers, have been ordered and will soon be in use, council said.