Band rocks the nation

Ashley (Louisa Jones) 250756_23

By Luke Voogt

Lost Property lead singer Ashley hopes her band’s rendition of the Spider-Man theme can impress the Rockfest judges after notching up more than 1600 views online.

The band is representing Nazareth Catholic School Grovedale, along with older compatriots The Electric Tacos, in the Australia-wide competition vying for $1000 to spend on musical equipment.

“I’m very excited,” the Grovedale grade 4 pupil said.

“[Winning] would mean a lot because we could get more band equipment.”

But music teacher Cam Plapp reckons the kids are already winners for their enthusiasm and problem solving, devising ways to practice online during lockdowns.

“It’s been challenging because we’ve been out of school more than in school this term,” he said.

“Remote learning’s hard enough. [With] bands it becomes even trickier.

“They hound me all the time with emails: ‘Can we do this? Can we do that?’ So all the energy comes from the kids to keep going.”