Fishing goes from strength to strength

Peri Stavropoulos with a squid. (supplied)

On the bite By Peri Stavropoulos

The fishing around the region is continuing to get better and better.

The inner harbour is still producing plenty of quality captures with snapper holding in good numbers around St Helens and through to north shore.

Fishing on an evening with baits like pilchards and squid has been super effective and ideally fishing a tide change as that tends to be the time they are biting. Fish to 6kg are being caught with plenty of smaller pinkies kicking around too. Land based anglers have been doing quite well with the rough weather we have been experiencing with St Helens being the best location.

The outer harbour of Corio bay has also been firing up with snapper starting to come onto the chew hard, Clifton Springs is proving to be the go to location with some quality fish starting to end up on the deck of many angler’s boats. Alcoa pier is still holding a large numbers of salmon and pinkie snapper patrolling the edge of the pier snatching up just about any soft plastic you put in their face, ideally four inch worm or minnow profile plastics. Calamari are still hanging around Clifton springs and through to Hermsley in 3m of water, jigs with a rattle chamber inside them have definitely been a key to many anglers success.

Queenscliff is really starting to fire up at the moment as this time of year the big calamari hang out in the bight to breed and they are in there thousands and lots of big ones.

Fishing the deeper water on slack tide with baited jigs or large squid jigs is a great way to target the big ones, once you have found where they’re hiding you can keep going back over the mark and just keep plucking them from the bottom.

Peri Stavropoulos and Bryce Nurnaitis from Trellys Geelong had a look out there during the week landing plenty of calamari hanging in the area and some big ones amongst them too.

The high country trout fishing has been red hot as of late with just about every river and stream fishing extremely well. Brown and rainbow trout have been in great numbers and after all this rain we have copped it has really stirred up the fishing. The Goulburn is still fishing well for the stonker rainbow trout still chewing well in the system.

Adam Van Der Lugt from Trellys Geelong had a successful session over the weekend landing some rainbows up to 4kg.