A true retriever in pooch park plans

Blair Meaney with five-month-old Bentley at Aldershot Reserve. (Rebecca Hosking) 209727_01

By Luke Voogt

Golden retriever puppy Bentley is wagging his tail over plans for a paw-some new dog park in St Albans Park.

The “mischievous” but affectionate five-month-old pup will love being unleashed in the new park, according to human companion and long-time golden retriever owner Blair Meaney.

“He loves people and he loves interacting with other dogs,” the 24-year-old said.

“I can’t wait for it to be done. I think it will be awesome.

“He’s a very active dog, so taking him down there will give him a good opportunity to have a run around, because there’s so much space.”

The fenced dog park is part of a planned council upgrade for Aldershot Reserve, which includes a playground, improved paths and new trees.

“It’s such a huge space, so it will be good to have more than a park down there to make good use of it,” Blair said.

The plans also include a sealed mounded circuit or ‘pump track’ for bikes, scooters and other wheels.

“The track will be designed [for] a wide range of users, including younger children,” council said.

The plans would retain Aldershot Reserve’s “unique” open spaces and include upgrades to grass surfaces for ball sports, according to council.

“While there is a community desire to get more trees established on the site, there is also a desire to retain a sense of space and openness.”

Council hired an external consultant to develop the plans for the upgrade, which would better meet the needs of local residents, it said.

Public consultation for the draft plans closed on Tuesday.