Local mags out for summer

OUT NOW: Geelong Coast New Homes & Land and Kids magazines.

The Geelong Indy is distributing three great magazines just in time for summer.

Geelong Coast New Homes & Land is free to pick up at hundreds of locations, with all the best in local ideas and products for anyone interested in finding or remodelling their dream home.

Geelong Coast Kids is also available free at hundreds of collection points, with lots of interesting parenting tips and advice as well as Angie Hilton’s Catch-Up interview with inspirational local mum Leah Alstin.

Out next week, Lifestyle magazine Geelong Coast is available from newsagents, while over 1000 copies are delivered as complementary reading in various venues such as cafes, waiting rooms and reception areas.

“Grab copies of all three,” urged Indy managing editor Tony Galpin.

“You’ll find plenty of interesting reading inside and the best quality standards locally.”

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