College programs in touch with changes

Students learn how to grow food sustainably in the Enviro Garden. 135045_01

YOUNG people need to be confident, curious, resilient and empathetic to lead in their ever changing world, says Geelong College principal Andrew Barr.
“At Geelong College our young people learn to become independent global citizens,” Mr Barr says.
“We understand that the most important aspect of a modern education is learning how to learn.”
Mr Barr says key capabilities such as creativity, deep thinking and a heart for service to others will help make a positive contribution to a changing global society.
“These capabilities are being integrated into subjects, projects, co-curricular opportunities and experiences as a part of our Vision for Learning and enable a deeper and richer understanding,” he explains.
“Students experience immersions in Enviro (year four), Designing the Future (year five) and Media (year nine) where core subjects are learned and communicated through hands on themed projects.
“Designing the Future, a new program, sees year five students tackling real-world problems with craftsmanship and design.
“The real learning is in understanding the problems and experimenting with possible solutions, using burgeoning technology such as 3D printing and robotics. These are just a few examples of learning at the College.”
Research suggests that most students at school now will work in jobs that don’t currently exist, will live and work in three different countries and have about six career changes.
Geelong College holds it’s open day on 18 March, when prospective families can meet Mr Barr and teaching staff, and experience the college, classes and activities guided by students.