Mr Paparazzi’s eye on the ball to help McKellar Centre

“Mr Paparazzi” knows from personal experience the importance of North Geelong’s McKellar Centre.
“My nanna was there for many years and mum always used to say how the girls there did such an incredible job day in and day out,” he said.
“We’ve also had several close friends of the family there as well, so I know what a worthy cause the McKellar Centre is.”
Mr Lyons will play in the Independent’s annual McKellar Centre Charity Golf Day, raising money for important diagnostic equipment to aid the centre’s work with aged care and rehabilitation patients.
He described himself as a “once-or-twice-a-year” player happy to “have a crack” for the McKellar Centre.
“My last game was with Shane Warne and I beat him on one hole at James Packer’s place, so that’s my claim to fame this year.”
Mr Lyons urged individuals and teams to enter this year’s golf day.
“Come and take on Mr Paparazzi and I’ll soon sort you out and see how good you are.”
The 18-hole, Ambrose-format golf day, with on-course catering and a two-course luncheon, will begin 8am on Friday, April 5, at 13th Beach golf course.
Entries are available by phoning Barwon Health Foundation on 4215 8900 or emailing