FINALLY FRIDAY: Brough breaks

ENYA INSPIRATION: Imogen Brough is building a solid fan base on the back of local performances.

Geelong singer-songwriter Imogen Brough thinks she has Enya’s ethereal music “built in” because her parents played it so much when she was young.
It’s little wonder then that Brough would build a singing career on emulating the Celtic singer’s style – with a signature twist, of course.
“I’d love to mix Enya’s ethereal sound with modern-day pop music,” Brough told the Independent.
“Even if that means creating music for radio and then a producing separate world-music style.”
Brough will headline Celtics in Concert at Ocean Grove Hotel this Friday night alongside an array of local Celtic music performers.
Brough said she was yet to perform with any of the other acts but was “glad” organiser and musician Jill Meehan asked her to be involved.
“It’s always exciting to meet new local artists and perform with them.”
Brough spent the summer “singing and holidaying” after earning gigs at Torquay’s Café Moby and Lorne’s Pacific Hotel.
She was “pulling people in” from the sea during her regular Monday performances at Pacific Hotel.
“Swimmers and kayakers would say they could hear me sing from the water so they came to enjoy the show,” Brough said.
“I always had a nice crowd.”
Brough believed performing regularly at local venues helped her gain a good “grounding” to build a fan base.
Her fans were to thank for securing songs Heart and Prettiest Thing in top 20 positions in the pop genre last year, she said.
Brough admitted she found the “drive” to record EP Counting Waves after supporting Lisa Mitchell at a Bended Elbow gig last June.
“I just thought ‘Wow, this is the big time’ and I knew I needed something professional to show people.
“So I jumped into gear and recorded Counting Waves at university while I was studying.”
Brough hoped to record a new EP or possibly an album this year despite her “hectic” honours studies for Contemporary Music.
“I’ve been writing some new music, so hopefully,” she said cheerfully.