Josh Pyke brings Lone Wolf last leg to Geelong


THE END of an era can be scary but for the creative mind of singer-songwriter Josh Pyke it holds more promise than fear.
The acoustically-minded musical story-teller returns to Geelong on the third and final leg of his national Lone Wolf solo tour.
Pyke’s 10-year career has taken him around the world and included the release of ARIA-nominated album The Beginning and the End of Everything last year.
“It’s a reflection on the period covering the cycle of my last four albums. It represents a big chunk of my career,” Pyke explained.
“It’s the end of the cycle and whatever happens next will be quite different.
“I’m excited but it’s also challenging because of the way the music industry has changed.
“But it highlighted something that’s always been important to me, and that’s engagement with your core fan base. It really keeps you in a job as a musician.”
Despite writing, recording and touring for a decade, Pyke still seeks further development as an artist.
“You could fall into a comfortable pattern and rest on your laurels, just put out music you know fans will like,” he said.
“But it’s the challenge creatively and artistically; following the adventure, writing songs, collaborating and being in a creative mode and evolving all the time.
“It’s an exploration of your psyche every time you do it.”
The challenge keeps Pyke coming back for more and setting himself now goals.
“When I started I said I wanted to achieve one album and one tour and play a major festival,” he recalled.
“Well, you do that and then move on. You shift the goal posts and keep pushing.
“There’s a balance I have to juggle now I have a family with two little boys.”
The commitment to touring regional venues is more than just keeping fans happy for Pyke – it also provides inspiration as part of his own investment in his career.
“I paid a lot of attention to guys I toured with when I was starting out and they always focussed on regional places. I’ve always done it.
“If you don’t it’s easy to exhaust the fan base in capital cities.”
Pyke plays the Barwon Club on 22 November with singer/songwriter and regular tour partner Jackson McLaren as his support act.

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