Slim and firm with clinic help

Sharon Olivier and Samantha Webb at The Firm Slimming and Health Clinic.

For over 20 years The Firm Sliming & Health Clinic’s vision has been to empower people through highly effective weight loss programs.
The friendly, experienced team customises treatments and helps each client select a simple eating plan to achieve their personal goals, targeting areas they would like improved.
The Firm’s program provides precise, controlled and concentrated exercise for muscles that have lost their natural elasticity.
Just a few sessions produces remarkable measurement loss and tightening, making the treatment ideal for body-shaping and weight reduction.
The Firm’s system is unequalled because it’s a complete program involving passive muscle stimulation workouts using an electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) machines. The EMS treatment is teamed with infra-red lamps to assist with the reduction and appearance of cellulite and combined with the easy-to-follow eating plans.
Each client is also provided with motivation and coaching throughout their journey.
The Firm focuses on assisting clients who are unable to exercise for medical reasons or who have a busy schedule.
Treatments take place in private cubicles in which one of The Firm’s EMS therapists sets up the treatment according to the client’s targeted body-shaping goals.
More information and bookings for obligation-free trial sessions are available by phoning Samantha Webb on 5221 9310 or emailing The Firm Slimming & Health Clinic’s website is at