Top toys in demand this Christmas

Bunch of Baloons is the top gift this year.

It’s wise to get in early for the top toys this Christmas.
Tates Toyworld have 20 per cent off their top 20 toys in the lead up to the big day.
One of their most popular toys has been Bunch O Balloons, an inventive way to instantly tie the knots of a bundle of water balloons simultaneously.
Toy manager Shannon Zaitz said it was much easier to fill the balloons up when he had a fun water fight with his niece and nephew.
“Especially for little children who would usually need a parent to help, it’s much easier for them,“ he said.
“Plus, there’s less chance of you getting hit with water bombs when you have no defenses because you have a bunch filled and ready to go to get people back.“
Among their successful new releases is The Pie Face Game. It involves a hand flicking cream on players’ faces if they spin the dice and land on certain points on the board.
The new edition of Zoomer Shadow, the robotic dog, is still very popular with the kids. With new features and better, the virtual dog responds well to training commands to sit, ’play dead’ and roll over.
Tates also have a website at dedicated to legos which have doubled in sales this year.
Mind Games have a range of boardgames to play with the family over Christmas and parties with friends over the festive season.
Michele Bent of Mind Games Geelong said Cards Against Humanity is currently a standout best seller.
The black cards contain questions and eah player is required to choose a card with the funniest or most inappropriate answer to the question.
Settlers of Catan is a favourite game for all ages. Players progress throughout the game by building settlements and gaining resources.
Mind Games is best known for its huge range of puzzles, with between 800 and 1000 different jigsaws.
Some are deliberately designed to be difficult for those who want a challenge. These include puzzles of similar colours – like dominoes or dice – and double-sided puzzles to double the difficulty.
Kids puzzles are also stocked with chunky pieces as well as a variety of different sized puzzles up to as many as 32,600 pieces.

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