Geelong in world-first trial of new treatment for bipolar depression

A Geelong medical trial could help speed up recovery from bipolar depression.

Geelong researchers are running a world-first trial of a new treatment for bipolar depression.

The Barwon Health trial will combine compounds believed to affect physical and energy-level changes in the brain, with the aim of speeding up recovery.

Geelong bipolar depression sufferer Nicci Wall urged volunteers to sign up for the trial.

“Bipolar disorder is a very complex illness and diagnosis and treatment can be difficult,” she said.

“I had my first episode at 14 but it took until I was 35 to receive a full diagnosis and treatments that worked for me.

“I’ve made the decision to be involved in research projects because as we learn more about the disorder better treatment and diagnosis options can be developed. People with bipolar disorder tend to wait until they have an acute episode before they see a doctor but if treatment starts early better outcomes can be reached.

Ms Wall encouraged prospective volunteers that research trials were conducted in a “very calming, un-pressured environment”.

The research team, under Professor Michael Berk, has urged anyone considering volunteering for the trial to phone 4215 3300 or email

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