Try before buying hearing aids

Waurn Ponds Hearing Clinic's Fiona Sutherland.

Anyone thinking they might need hearing aids but unsure of the options or worried about buying something they won’t use should try Flex: trial.
Available at Waurn Ponds Hearing Clinic, Flex: trial offers hearing aids programmed to individual requirements for trialling in real-life situations over several weeks.
The clinic’s Fiona Sutherland says the trials allow patients to discover the improvements they can enjoy with the right hearing aids.
“During the trials clients discover the answers to important questions, such as: whether the hearing aids whistle; whether other people can see them; whether they work in background noise; whether the wearer can hear the skipper’s instructions at bowls; and whether their spouse’s complaining stops when the aids are worn.”
Feedback from a client demonstrated the benefit of trialling before buying.
“The ability to trial the product and test it under real life, day-to-day conditions was perfect in terms of having the basis to decide on the benefits of the investment and improved hearing under a variety of conditions.
“The ability to have Fiona’s ongoing support and advice in using the aid has been excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to any potential client.“
Waurn Ponds Hearing Clinic is the only local outlet participating in this successful and unique trial program, using the latest aids from Unitron.

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