New help for foot and leg pain

Foot and Leg Pain Clinics can help patients without the use of surgery or ongoing medication.

Foot and Leg Pain Clinics excel in musculoskeletal medicine and tissue regeneration.
As one of Australia’s leading musculoskeletal podiatry practices, the clinics utilise latest medical research and natural treatments to help heal injuries and assist degenerative concerns such as arthritis.
The treatments can prevent the need for surgery and medication to alleviate mobility concerns and pain from foot and leg issues.
Musculoskeletal podiatrist Dr David Kavanagh says the clinics’ regenerative injection therapies, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and proliferation-of-new-tissue-injection therapy (prolotherapy), have had “outstanding results” for pain and mobility concerns, arthritis, soft-tissue injuries and degeneration.
“We’ve assisted athletes to return to professional sport, relieved pain in people who’ve suffered for years, promoted healing and increased mobility in people who’ve been told nothing can be done for them and assisted others to avoid surgery,” Dr Kavanagh says.
Similar in action, both treatments encourage natural healing mechanisms and promote the development of new collagen.
PRP, utilising components of the patient’s own blood, and prolotherapy, which uses a glucose and anesthetic solution, achieve results including: increased joint, ligament and tendon stability; enhanced muscle and cartilage repair; pain relief; and increased mobility.
The treatments are also natural, non-toxic, minimally invasive and relatively fast acting.
“Combine these treatments with correct diagnosis, addressing structural issues and faulty biomechanics, and the results can be outstanding and long-term,” Dr Kavanagh says.
Dr Kavanagh is available for appointments at Foot and Leg Pain Clinics in Geelong by phoning 1300 328 300.

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