Robot Reg leads the way

Patrick and Robot Reg have some fun. (Pictures Louisa Jones)

Robot Reg has taken over Geelong’s favourite preschool phonics class and the children are having a ball learning with him.

Phonics with Robot Reg owner Shae Callahan says the children love coming to class for the high energy play and cheeky Robot Reg, and the adults love the fact they’re helping to prepare their children for kinder and school.

Classes are designed to immerse preschool aged children (aged three months to five years) into a sensory wonderland, offering play-led learning opportunities to encourage speech and language, speaking and listening and turn-taking, all the while developing confidence.

Children will learn a new letter sound each week and reinforce previous letter sounds through fun, interactive games.

Shae says Robot Reg shows children and parents how to develop early reading skills, while high energy activities promote fine and gross motor strength and balance.

“It’s a perfect class to bond with your child while you both learn and prepare for kinder and school years,” she says.

Happy parents agree, with one saying: “My 3-year-old is showing literacy skills that I never thought she’d learn before prep.”

Another said: “My son loves his phonics lessons. Through the classes he has quickly developed his knowledge of letter sounds/words and will be well equipped to start school next year. His teacher Shae is very energetic and really engages with the kids. The lessons are fun, well-paced and I highly recommend them.”

And another: “My daughter had a great time learning sounds of letters. Thank you, that was really a good start up program before school …she loved all sessions.”

Phonics with Robot Reg classes were developed by sisters Alex Burnside and Charlie Day, both primary school teachers.

With extensive experience in early years education, the sisters noticed a gap in children’s early phonic knowledge as they entered school. They came up with the idea of opening a class that teaches preschool-aged children these early phonics skills in a fun and high energy way, while giving parents fun activities and tips to continue early literacy development at home.

During lockdown, the sisters have been working with a paediatric speech therapist to refine the language development and concept understanding component classes, especially in the Minis (walking – three-year-old) class.

“Join us for Phonics with Robot Reg classes in Grovedale for the remainder of term three,” Shae says. “We are currently operating with small class sizes, have strict cleaning protocols in place and a weekly payment schedule available.”

Term four will find classes back in Grovedale, Leopold and Lara.

Phonics with Robot Reg, Geelong, Lara and Bellarine Peninsula. 
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