Meaningful farewells

Manager Jackson Hepner. (Photo supplied)

Esther Lauaki

From doves, floral arrangements or a horse-drawn carriage to a Harley Davidson hearse, Geelong family-owned business Jonathan Hepner Funerals takes pride in celebrating life 
with a unique and special touch.

“We love the unique element that we can provide,” says manager Jackson Hepner.

“We take the time and care to ensure your loved one’s farewell is appropriate to their life, their memory and meaningful to your family.”

Jonathan Hepner Funerals has long been leaders in providing live-streaming and video recordings which put the business in good stead for the restrictions that were introduced this year as a result of COVID-19.

“With numbers restricted to 50 people at funerals held in Geelong, we now live-stream all services to include all loved ones that are unable to attend in person.”

Presentations, video recordings or photo streaming are charged in an all-inclusive service fee.

“We don’t have to charge extra for all of these little, but sometimes important, elements.

“Our high-quality equipment also allows us to hold graveside services, outdoor funerals and meaningful services at a favourite park, sports club, beach or family property. We do have the ability to live-stream all of these too.”

After 10 years working full-time at the business, Jackson strives to personalise each service. His father Jonathan, who 
still works at the business, has 
passed on management and three generations of funeral planning experience to him.

While pre-paid funerals are available, customers can pre-plan without paying.

Pre-planning is the most important element for loved ones, who may not always know what the deceased’s wishes were, Jackson explains.

“It’s about getting all your details and wishes down on paper – about what you really want in a service,” he says.

For safety, directors take precautions in meeting with two people at once to plan funerals or, in some cases, hold meetings in larger rooms to accommodate small groups of people.

Jonathan Hepner Funerals, 199 Ormond Road, East Geelong. Inquiries: 5223 3100 or visit

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