Like a family

Geelong Baptist College students are all part of one big family. (Rebecca Hosking) 190537

When a child enrols at Geelong Baptist College they become part of a community that spans from foundation to year 12 and beyond.

The college is like one big “family”, according to primary principal Judy Sobey.

“Primary and secondary students have the opportunity to mix and socialise together if they wish,” she says.

“We do a lot of collaborative activities, whether it’s cooking or excursions, such as a recent Melbourne Zoo visit with the foundation and secondary VCAL students.”

And teaching all year levels has other benefits for the college.

“It can be quite daunting for adolescents starting in year 7,” Judy says.

“But we have a very seamless transition when children go from year 6 to year 7 with some staff teaching across both the primary and secondary areas.

“We receive a lot of parents enrolling their children because they want that seamless transition.”

Geelong Baptist College focuses on fostering self-worth and ensuring each child can reach their full potential.

The college provides academic, creative, artistic and sporting opportunities for each of its 340 students.

“We are a growing independent school,” Judy says.

“We know our students very well and we value the individuality of each student.

“Our staff and chaplain are always there for the students. We underpin our teaching with a biblical lens and encourage our students to see the goodness in the world, through the eyes of awe and wonder.”

Judy encourages anyone from Geelong or the surrounding area to visit Geelong Baptist College at Lovely Banks.

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