Find your passion, find your pathway at Geelong High School

Geelong High School has helped countless students find their pathway into top class universities and careers. (supplied)

Founded in 1910, Geelong High School was the first non-private secondary school in the region and was fought for by the people of Geelong who felt that a high-quality education is a right that all young people should have.

Since then, as a school community we have helped countless students find their pathway into top class universities and careers. And, as we head into the next phase of our development with new buildings, a renewed focus on high quality teaching and learning, and an even stronger culture of improvement and challenge, we invite new families to join our long tradition of excellence and achievement.

Throughout the school’s esteemed history, one constant has always remained strong and is at the forefront of the school’s ethos. The school’s motto Vitae Nos Parat means ‘Prepares us for life’ and captures the spirit and ethos of the school community.

Its focus is not only shared across academic, sporting and pathway aspiration, but equally upon building the character strength and learner capabilities to become respectful, lifelong learners able to succeed in an increasingly competitive and changing world.

When you enrol at Geelong High School, you are joining a learning community that is both positive and creative, with a long history of excellence and innovation. Our teaching focus supports students to strive for their best through innovative and engaging teaching programs that encourage its students to develop respectful relationships and strive to achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Yet, the key strength of the curriculum delivered at Geelong High School is the wide range of subjects offered at VCE, and the subject pathways that lead to VCE. For students looking for challenge and extension, opportunities to accelerate exist through Years 9 and 10 in core subjects of sciences, mathematics, humanities, and via electives in PE and sport, plus our outstanding outdoor education program.

We also offer electives such as advanced English in Year 10, and the Geelong Positive Education Program which is a community service outreach subject in Year 9 that helps students develop the skills to give back to our community and concludes each year with a trip to the Northern Territory to support some of our remote Indigenous communities.

At VCE, our VET Dance program is reputedly one of the leading dance programs in the state, which culminates each year in a performance celebrated across Geelong. Our theatre studies VCE course is one of the leading courses in the region, with exceptional productions and a range of performances across the year taking place in the school’s majestic Shenton Theatre.

Whilst students regularly accelerate in years 9 and 10, in 2024 Geelong High has further extended these opportunities by introducing a new Year 7 Accelerated Learning Program. The program has catered specifically for students graduating from Grade 6 to secondary school and provides opportunity to join a class that will face extra challenge and extension in all core subjects, whilst still enjoying the full breadth of a rich curriculum.

Whilst the focus in 2024 has been Year 7 students, the program will be further extended in 2025 to cover both Years 7 and 8. Further information and application forms can be found on our school website for interested families.

Come and see what Geelong High School can offer, and see how your child can find their passion and find their pathway.