Dentist offers family service

Neha Raman and patient Vivaan Bhardwaj, 5. (Rebecca Hosking) 189192

The dentist isn’t a place most people associate with happy childhood memories – but that’s exactly the case for Neha Raman.

Her orthodontist made her dream of becoming a dentist when she was 10 years old.

“He was just so friendly towards the kids – I had a wonderful experience,” she says.

“And now when I look back, I want the same sort of experience for kids who come to my practice.”

As owner and sole dentist at Happy Dental in Geelong West, Neha says having a positive attitude towards teeth is vital for patients, young and old.

Happy Dental is a small family practice with a close-knit team, which means they get to know their patients very well, Neha says.

“It’s just the three of us working together – myself with dental assistant Bonnie Hopwood and receptionist Kim Zammit.

“A lot of patients have been coming here for years so they feel quite comfortable with the staff.”

She says making people comfortable at the dentist encourages them to get regular check-ups that can prevent problems occurring down the track.

Neha gives her younger patients gift bags with stickers, toys and toothbrushes to encourage good brushing habits.

“That’s something we all really put a lot of effort into. We also treat adults so cater for the dentistry needs of all family members.”

Happy Dental clinic bulkbills for children eligible for Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme, meaning their parents can take them to the dentist for free.


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