Get your skates on for some family fun

Rollerway offers plenty of school holiday fun. (Supplied)

Christmas school holidays are coming and Ashlie Aparicio, manager of Rollerway Skate Centre, agrees it’s great to see kids getting out and active again. As she puts it, what could be healthier and more fun than roller skating or rollerblading?

“Things do go around in cycles and we’re so happy that roller skating is all the rage again,” Ashlie says, “but this time adults as well as kids are really getting into it.

“After months of lockdowns, and a few renovations to fill the downtimes, it’s so heart-warming to see families skating together again, and all those birthday parties happening. It was just as awesome to see a lady celebrating her 50th here the other day, too.

“The skate centre is also flat out with Christmas sales, with roller skates and rollerblades selling in other places like never before, we are told.”

Ashlie, who grew up playing hockey at Rollerway and is the fourth-generation manager at the longstanding family business, reckons roller skating is perfect for all ages.

“Anyone can have a go,” she says. “And there’s nothing like seeing kids – who can barely lace up their skates – learn to skate in a matter of minutes.

“The rink has music, bright lights, high-quality rental skates and an amazing atmosphere. Everyone seems to love it and it’s quite special to see grandparents skating with their grandchildren and tiny tots having a go.

“We’re now seeing kids who learnt to skate here bring their own kids in. It’s such a great family activity and an awesome way to entertain teens as well.”

Ashlie invites everyone to get their skates on and into the Christmas spirit – and get into some seriously family-friendly fun.

NOTE: Rollerway has extra skating from December 19 through to January 27. Tickets are available online or at the door.

Rollerway Skate Centre, 6-8 Lambert Avenue, Newtown. Opens daily during school holidays. Inquiries: 0411 335 544 or visit