Creative and flexible therapy


Geelong Neuro Centre Kids was born off the back of the success and reputation of the Geelong Neuro Centre, widely recognised as one of the leading adult neuro rehabilitation clinics in the state.

Driven by the team’s passion for helping younger clients – ranging from infants to 18 years old – GNC Kids was established.

At GNC Kids, clients are encouraged with a creative and flexible approach to therapy, challenging the stereotypes of children with a disability.

Staff specialise in assisting clients with physical conditions such as rare genetic conditions, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and developmental delay.

GNC Kids’ specialised services include:

DMI therapy

Supported gait retraining

Wheelchair and 24-hr positioning solutions

Play-based therapy

Adolescent to adulthood transition support

Communication device assessment and prescription

Upper limb therapy including spasticity management, splinting, and casting

What sets GNC Kids apart from other therapy services is its world-class equipment, clinic environment, multidisciplinary team (speech, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and exercise physiology), and ability to think outside the square.

As a parent, you can count on a creative and empowering approach to deliver the best outcomes for your child.