Changing lives through custom assistive technology

Freedom Solutions Australia: changing lives through custom assistive technology.

In a world where one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short for assistive technologies, Freedom Solutions Australia provides a unique service.

Our mission is simple: to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities through custom-designed assistive technology.

What are unique solutions?

Unique Solutions are a wide array of customised assistive technology services designed to enhance the lives of individuals living with disabilities. These solutions can be anything that is not commercially available on the market. Our team of volunteers can either modify an existing piece of assistive technology or design a custom piece of AT. Custom and modified AT include:

• Wheelchair modifications: Creating custom trays, modifying footplates, adding accessories like sun canopies or wheelchair bags, and adapting exercise pedals for wheelchair use.

• Mobility aid adaptations: Trikes, walkers, scooters, and bikes, to suit the specific needs of individuals.

• Accessibility Solutions: Designing steps or ramps for home, bathroom, kitchen, and trampoline access. Additionally, there are modifications for beds, chairs, tables, and workstations to enhance accessibility and functionality.

• Assistive devices: Hand gripping aids, page turners, sensory boards, book stands, and modified exercise equipment to improve independence and participation in various activities.

• Sports and recreation adaptations: Gaming adaptations, custom support for gaming, trampolines, golf bags, model power lines, and wheelbarrows.

• Personal Care and Daily Living Aids: Toilet platforms with rails, bed surrounds, shower commode accessories, kneeling/sitting garden chairs, CPAP sleep masks, and dressing aids.

• Education and school-related projects: School chairs, art easels, trampoline steps, and platforms.

• Miscellaneous projects: Designing controller setups, mountings for various devices, oxygen cylinder holders, noise issue reviews, boccie baskets, sewing machine trolleys, and equipment modifications.

The process begins with a simple Request a Service form. Once the request is reviewed, a volunteer is assigned to visit the individual to better understand their unique requirements.

A quote is then developed, and upon approval, the assistive technology is tested, delivered, and implemented to help the individual achieve their goals.

Reach out to Freedom Solutions Australia today and unlock the doors to a world of possibilities. Because everyone deserves the freedom to live life independently.

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