Built to last

(Louisa Jones)

Shopping locally has never been more important. That’s the message from Geelong West-based Furniture by Design.

Like many other businesses, the custom furniture designers are doing all they can to stay open during the second lockdown.

Co-owner Phil Lear says the community’s support will be the key.

“As with most things, if people have a requirement for something, if they can get it locally instead of getting imported stuff, then it’s good for everybody,” he says.

The Gordon Avenue business has been operating for the past 15 years, designing, building and selling custom-made furniture.

They also stock and sell furniture from other manufacturers.

Phil says Furniture by Design prides itself on being able to produce furniture that meets customers’ individual needs.

“It’s really about the service we are trying to offer to meet what people want. We colour match, we can paint in any colour…

“A lot of times, people will come to us and they have seen something online or they have a certain space they need a unit to fit in.

“A lot of people have special requirements, they have special things they need to get into their unit, like a record player.”

Furniture by Design employs a team of five people, boasting more than 60 years’ experience in furniture making.

The business is most commonly asked to make fitted wall units, dining tables and entertainment units, as well as bedroom furniture.

Phil says while it is too early to tell how the second lockdown will impact the business, he has noticed a drop-off in the number of people visiting the shop.

“But the people that do come in are serious buyers,” he says. “Fortunately, we had a lot of work on but it does hurt with staffing – our cabinet makers have young children who need home-schooling.”

Furniture by Design, 4 Gordon Avenue, Geelong West.