Automating health with Standby Security

Angelo Kakouros of Standby Security makes health screening easier during Covid-19. (Supplied)

Alana Richards

As many places, in particular hospitals, introduce stricter protocols on health checks to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, contactless temperature checks are part of the new norm.

In response, Angelo Kakouros and his team at Standby Security have created a Temperature Mobile Response Unit, a non-invasive access security management system to help facilities and businesses obtain and manage required data and conduct checks quickly and easily.

A mobile stand is placed at the entrance of a facility or a screening point. It identifies a person from their facial biometrics, takes their temperature and connects to access controls to allow them to pass through, once cleared.

The Temperature Awareness Security Screening (TASS) is designed to be a safer, faster and smarter way for businesses to incorporate new safety checks and measures into everyday life.

It detects high temperatures with touch-free screening, real-time face capture and has secure data storage with prevention for unauthorised access.

A record search function, mobile app and alarms for screenings requiring further attention are additions that make the system comprehensive and user-friendly.

Angelo says the new body temperature measuring and face recognition access control terminal is an excellent hands-free body temperature and access control device that’s perfectly suited to the challenges of a COVID-safe workplace – including soon to be reopened hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs.

“TASS delivers digital temperature measurement with alerts in real time, as well as face recognition authentication based on deep learning algorithms, with precise recognition rate, large storage capacity and fast recognition,” Angelo explains.

“The TASS module supports rapid body temperature detection, allowing the unit to undertake face recognition and temperature detection at the same time, providing automated warnings to team members of abnormal body temperatures.

“This unit is ideal for crowded places such as smart communities, schools, office buildings, hospitals and loads more.”

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