COVID-19: Is your business ready to operate remotely?

Pace is on hand to help businesses weather the COVID-19 storm. (Supplied)

We have entered a time of uncertainty and for many businesses, this next six months is going to be a tough slog.

With social distancing, business shutdowns and government regulations tightening every day, it’s never been more important to make sure your business is prepared for the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Chris from Pace Advertising says the businesses that are going to weather this storm are those who are agile and can be creative with their product and service offering – using the internet to their full advantage.

“Already we are working with a number of businesses to change their service delivery from physical shop-fronts to an ‘online-only’ model,” Chris says.

“In one case, we have just converted a traditional bricks and mortar retailer to being fully online and offering a full delivery service.

“In another, we have assisted with the roll-out of video conferencing and extending their in-office phones to a mobile app. We have even organised for one company to accept deliveries when they are off site, with remote alarm functions, camera viewing and ability to open and close their warehouse door remotely.

“For 90 per cent of businesses, there is a way to operate online-only, you just need to think creatively … and make sure you have the digital tools to support it.”

That’s where Pace comes in.

“If you would like help or advice on how you can creativity pivot your business to an online model, get in contact with us via phone or email – we are here to help.

“Stay safe … and look out for each other.”

Pace Advertising, 6 Brougham Street, Geelong. Inquiries: 52734 777, email or visit

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